Why hire Thompson Law Offices, LLC to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus, Reynoldsburg and Hilliard, Ohio?

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus can be an important financial decision. It is also something that can quickly become too large and complex for an average person to handle. This is when you need the right law firm. Here are some reasons to hire Thompson Law Offices, LLC when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus, Ohio.

Extensive Experience with Ohio Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law

Thompson Law Offices, LLC is a firm that has extensive experience with Ohio Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws. The attorneys at the firm have a combined 50 years of experience in the Columbus, Ohio area. This makes them some of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the area when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. The experience this firm has can make a real difference in the outcome of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Get Personal Attention from Attorneys

It is common practice for many law firms to keep key attorneys away from clients. People who want to file for bankruptcy are often stuck consulting with staff members. This can be frustrating. Clients can expect to meet with an actual lawyer during all consultations with Thompson Law Offices, LLC. This means there will be no unanswered questions. Additionally, the firm provides personal attention for every client no matter how simple or complex the Chapter 7 filing is.

Protect Against Aggressive Creditors

Some creditors might become incredibly aggressive once someone in debt files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Certain creditors have even been known to violate the law in an attempt to intimidate people, obtain signatures or force payments. The attorneys at Thompson Law Offices, LLC in Columbus, Ohio are familiar with these tactics. The lawyers will protect clients against aggressive creditors. This can make it easier to deal with the bankruptcy.

Protect Personal Assets

An important part of any Chapter 7 bankruptcy is how a Chapter 7 trustee looks for and attempts to liquidate personal assets. State and Federal law allows you a client to exempt assets from the trustee’s reach. The firm of Thompson Law Offices, LLC will do everything possible to protect personal assets from liquidation or seizure. This would involve using exemption planning that can save some assets that would have otherwise been liquidated.

Stop the Negative Consequences of Debt Fast

Being in overwhelming debt can have many negative consequences. Collection agencies could be calling home and work at all hours of the day. Wage garnishment might be occurring to repay old debts. The situation could even lead to a foreclosure. Thompson Law Offices, LLC will be able to stop many of the negative consequences of being in debt immediately after the firm is hired to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.